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fear is a powerline, fear is a maze
the earthquake that leaves your body shaking for days
pulsing through cables, pumping through veins
pushing and pulling

fear is a killer, fear is the name
of the darkness we choose to leave untamed
defying reason and prompting blame
pushing and pulling

fear is a sound, fear is the cry
bowed heads raising their fists to the sky
nowhere near the end, but the beginning is nigh
it's pushing and pulling
pushing and pulling

fear is a tremor, fear amplifies,
making little cracks turn oceansized
finds your weakness, there within its power lies
it's pushing and pulling

fear is a landmine, fear is the sign
of an era of error, but not the end of the line
it's drawing closer, it's half past divine
it's pushing and pulling

fear is your powerline, fear is your maze,
lives with you till the end of your days
creeping through crevasses, sets you ablaze
pushing and pulling

a shrug of a shoulder, a twitch of the eye
blood beating the eardrum, a rhythm awry
fear no one, fear nothing


from T, released March 9, 2017




absurdcus Bucharest, Romania

Hi, my name is Laszlo and I like playing bass.

Thanks for checking out my music!

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