óg's lament

from by absurdcus



flocks of calloused hands trying to make amends
frauds applauding and cash in their dividends
feeding of the mind for opiate masses
fists in their pockets, till every storm passes

speak the unspoken, legitimize the unrest in my mind
this time I'd rather not be blind
turn the eye on the eye that's watching over
the corrosion that creeps in strips my 4 leaf clover

the light is on, the house is full but there's a crack in the tile,
4 years of a straight gaze, it's gonna take a while
shady minds wearing fogged up glasses
laying low till the discontent passes

we form and function, we equip rhyme with reason
while they mime primetime, swapping crime for treason
feeding of the mind for opiate masses
kicking and screaming, till the unrest passes

severing the ties am I awake
I am alive
pushing it aside but the light is still flickering
repelling all the lies am I awake
I am afire
pushing it aside as the flames climb


from T, released March 9, 2017




absurdcus Bucharest, Romania

Hi, my name is Laszlo and I like playing bass.

Thanks for checking out my music!

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